Art-sensation cube

Stills from online  exhibition
HD video, digital installation
08:39 min, loop. 2020

Music: Mira Eklund
Curator: Susanne Fessé
Digital exhibition installation: Untold Garden

The video work is presented in a 3D environment that can be likened to a cave, a parallel reality, an inner world, which can only be accessed by the viewer at great magnification. The viewer, like Alice in Wonderland, follows the sound to descend into a shape, placed in a black cube. A room of its own, a cave where no one sees and no one hears what is happening between two people. The video work Harder, Softer, Slower, Stronger (2020) can be seen as reflecting the grey area in which love, tenderness, physical closeness, and violence exist side by side. Alexandra Larsson Jacobson’s work raises questions both about and how different stages of a relationship can manifest and the ways in which boundaries rapidly shift without us being aware of a presumptive shift in power. Is it play or seriousness we’re seeing?

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