Harder, Softer, Slower, Stronger

Documentation from solo exhibition at gallery Konstfack

Mixed media 
Video, 08:39 min, loop. 2020
Music: Mira Eklund

Back to work

Blob, C-print, 2020
Holding, C-print, 2020
We hug, You hug too hard, I resist, You push, I leave, C-print, 2020
Glitter drapes, C-print. 2020

Live streemd performance, 2020

In a flat in Stockholm Sunday evening, A mother and her daughter interacts with each other in a playful balance between control and care, in the restaged apartment musician Mira Eklund will play a live set inspired by their actions. While our reality was abruptly and radically changed in the face of CoVid-19 and social as well our relationship to our homes, we found our self confined to our family relations and to our own self’s. In Harder, Faster, Slower, Stronger the apartment and the performers will play with the balance of this intimacy and how they react to each other.