Smoke screen

Documentation from exhibition at Ciggarvägen 13. 2014

“When I look at Alexandra Larsson Jacobson’s photographs I feel like I’ve been there before, not physically, but I have been in the mood that the images convey. In meeting Alexandra’s images my senses are heightened and the reality of the photographs become like a silent movie. The images are charged with a Nordic aesthetics where realism, painting and melancholy meet. The border between fiction and reality chafes.The whole exhibition contains a friction. I read each individual photograph as documentary but also containing a fictitious narrative. While Alexandra’s photographs are portraits, it’s not the photographed reality that confronts us when we look at her pictures. It is we as viewers, with our memory bank and our perceptions that are co-creators of the images content. Something that characterizes Alexandra’s work is an interest in the different roles that we choose or are forced to play. By freezing different surroundings her images become as stages with props and backdrops, which opens up to investigate the human drama, its facade and theatrical features. Alexandra’s photographs were taken in North Bend in the United States, a society characterized by the TV-series Twin Peaks that was made there.” – Matilda Ekström, Curator and Artist

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